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Monetary. It is often frustrating even for good business ideas and many new businesses, even before the business starts properly. When considering different options for financing a business, consider at least the following:

Amount of Loan Required, Depayment of Loan Required,Other expenses on loan or financing

Once you have these things in mind, you can easily choose the financing option that is best for your business and business.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of different sources of money to get you started when considering a new business:

Payday loans online: Find out more now

It can sometimes be difficult to get a bank loan even if your business is on a solid footing and your business is running smoothly. In such a situation, noted that a payday loan online may help you. At The Harrison, you can get a corporate loan for different needs of companies of different sizes. You will receive money from us with flexible repayment of $ 1,000-100,000 to start your business. You can easily explore different repayment schedules with our corporate loan calculator, where you will also see our clear pricing on loans. Applying for a business loan is easy and you can get a loan decision from us quickly.

Own capital

The first option to finance a business is usually your own savings. However, be careful with this option, as it is easy to put your own wealth into running your own business idea with a little unnecessarily crooked hand and the risks are often forgotten. So if you are financing your business with equity, it is only worth investing so much that you will survive financially if something goes wrong.

Putting equity into a company brings with it certain freedoms. For example, it may be less stressful when you have only your own money and not others. This way you might dare to try things more boldly and you will be able to decide for yourself what you are spending money on. So, in this situation, it is quite true that you should only inject equity into the company as much as you can afford.

Bank loan

Bank loan

A bank loan is probably the first thing that comes to mind when a new entrepreneur starts to consider financing a business. A loan from a bank to a company is a good option, but can sometimes be difficult to obtain. Banks often have stricter conditions than other providers of finance to companies.


credit loan

Various parties in Finland offer start-up money to new companies. These include various foundations, regional Business Services and the TE Office. Start-up money is a good option, but just like a bank loan, start-up money often has specific conditions that can be difficult to meet. In order to get money to start a business, you may need to prove your business model and any other information related to your business very carefully.

Angel investors

Also called business angels, these investors give their time and money, especially to young startups where they see potential for growth. However, you need to convince the investor that your business idea is working, and often give money and time, for example, a stake in your business. So it makes sense to think about where the money is coming from.

Other loan

Other loan

One option is to borrow from friends or family. However, be careful with this option, as unclear loan terms can lead to a mess (and in the worst case even a break) in friendship and family relationships. Therefore, we recommend that you first try other options and then turn to your neighbors.

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