Personal Payday Loan Documents

It has happened to many people who are willing to borrow, but at the exact moment they do not have the necessary documents. Is not true?

So here are our tips and clarifications of what loan documents you need at the time of picking up your Personal Payday Loan.


Documents for loan:

The Personal Payday Loan is one of the credit modalities that require less customer documentation to be effective. The need for loan documents may vary from one financial institution to another, but the submission of two documents (CPF and RG) will be obligatory.

In addition, banks or financial institutions may request the presentation of other documents for loan, the two most common being a proof of residence in the name of who will take the loan and a proof of income.

For those who make a loan in the check mode, it will also be necessary to present the checks and the bank card where the applicant has a checking account.

Here at Payday Bank, we have a great advantage for our customers! You can take photos or upload your loan documents (photos and commitment to income and residence) directly from your smartphone, tablet or your computer at the time you sign up to apply for a Personal Payday Loan. Oh, and look how cool … If you do not have the documents in hand, no problem! Come back anytime on our site and you can continue your registration where you left off!


I do not have the CPF card, do I really need to present the CPF?

I do not have the CPF card, do I really need to present the CPF?

Many financiers will not require you to present the CPF card. It can be replaced by the information that usually appears in the RG or the CNH (Driver’s License). Some banks and financiers accept to effect the Personal Payday Loan that you enter the website of the IRS and print your CPF directly from the website. You can consult your CPF on the IRS website


I do not have the RG, can I replace it with another document?

Yes. All Banks and Finance companies accept that you replace the RG with another official document with a photo, which can be: Organized Card (OAB, CRM, etc.), CNH (National Driver’s License), Passport, Work Portfolio. For documents that have expiration dates (example: CNH or Passport), they can not be expired. Birth and marriage certificates are not accepted, as they are not photo documents.


I’m a foreigner, can I get a Personal Payday Loan?


Yes. However, you will have to have a document called RNE (National Register of Foreigners) and CPF.


Can I present my bank statement as proof of income?

Usually yes. Most Banks and Financial Institutions accept as valid proof to effect a Personal Payday Loan the bank statement of current account or savings. In these cases, there will be an analysis of the current account statement, and the Bank and Financial will seek to identify if there is enough money to pay the portion of the Personal Payday Loan.

Yes. It is also possible to use a counter statement to hire a Personal Payday Loan. In this case it is common for the Bank or Finance also to require the presentation of the copy of the personal income tax (IRPF).


I am retired by the INSS and I already have payroll deductible loans. What can I use as proof of income?

I am retired by the INSS and I already have payroll deductible loans. What can I use as proof of income?

Your own INSS benefit statement can be used as proof of income. Even if there is already a paycheck loan and your margin is taken, the financial institutions will do the credit analysis.


I am married and not working, can I submit my husband’s income statement?

Yes. It is also possible in many institutions to make the composition of income between spouses. However, it is very common for the Bank and Financeira who are granting the credit to request that the contract go out on behalf of the one who has the main rent. In this case, your husband.


I live with my parents and do not have a proof of residence in my name. What can I use as proof of residence?

How to calculate the portion of the second Payroll Loan?

A proof of residence will be required on your behalf. If this is not possible and you live with parents, the ideal is to get the voucher with them. Probably the Bank or Finance will confront the name of the proof of residence with the affiliation contained in the presented RG.

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