More and more borrow and lend platforms for different occasions

More and more sharing platforms: Not only the car or the apartment can be shared – what you can lend and lend everything about new providers that are now on the market

Borrow and lend with sharing platforms 

Borrow and lend with sharing platforms 

Sharing the car with others through the sharing platform is standard in many major cities. Even sharing the apartment via Airbnb is everyday. Leifahrräder and increasingly also electric scooters belong more and more frequently to the cityscape. But that does not have to be over for a long time.

Those who do not want to burden themselves with their own property or just want to save on spending will find new sharing platforms for more and more occasions and occasions.


Here are just a few examples:

Here are just a few examples:


campers are trendy. More and more people are looking for a holiday on their own four wheels. Unfortunately, there are two obstacles: Caravans are expensive. And then they spend most of the year unused in the garage. No wonder then that there are now platforms that bring together owners and tenants of motorhomes and regulate the formalities such as lease and insurance coverage. Examples are: and

Hiring a private jet:

If you like it exclusively and have the necessary change, you are welcome to travel with your own private jet. Then at least there will never be trouble again with sitting neighbors or striking pilots. Your own plane is now no longer necessary. Platforms such as provide private jets or even helicopters, which are currently not used by their owners. But that’s not very cheap either: The membership costs $ 15,000. Affordable flights in private propeller sports planes are available on sharing platforms such as the “flight crews” or

Hire clothes:

If you like fashion and clothing, you will be impressed by the constantly changing and exciting outfits. That can be expensive. Therefore, more and more sharing platforms are offering new parts for a short time. For example, promises the “Neverending wardrobe” and sends out monthly packages with pants, shirts, dresses or coats. At the end of the month everything is packed back together and sent back. A few days later comes the next package.

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