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uGood Finance is a company owned by Vmoney Corp – a company dynamically developing in the financial sector. The company specializes in providing short-term loans to individual clients. The offer service is addressed especially to people who need a quick injection of cash for unforeseen, additional expenses and are focused on fast repayment of the loan.

How to borrow at uGood Finance?

The citizens of Poland from 21 to 65 years of age who have created a profile on the uGood Finance website, have an active phone number and a bank account can apply for a loan on the website. The applicant may also not be in any of the registers of debtors violating the duties of timely payment of financial claims, otherwise the application for a loan will be rejected.

For the sake of customer satisfaction, the application process for the loan has been simplified to a minimum, and the whole procedure is online. In the first step, the customer, using a simple calculator located on the main website, sets the amount of the loan and the repayment date (up to 30 days). Then he is redirected to the subpage where he finishes filling out the loan application. After completing the necessary data and creating a customer account, the application verification process begins. In the event that the client meets all formal requirements and does not have a negative history in the debtors’ databases, the application is accepted.


Through the service

financial service

Through the service, you can borrow a minimum of PLN 200 and a maximum of PLN 4,000, including the first commitment for a maximum amount of PLN 1,700. The incentive for the customer is undoubtedly that the first loan is provided without additional commissions and costs , absolutely free. There is only one condition – it must be repaid on time.
The loan should be returned once, in full. Due to the short repayment period of 30 days, no installments are provided.

Fast and honest,One of the main principles of the company’s operation is an individual approach to the customer’s needs and lending in a fair and reliable manner. The website is transparent and all information contained therein is written in a language understandable to the client. The uGood Finance website depends on the customers being satisfied with the level of services offered. For this reason, each client can test the operating principles using the aforementioned loan without fees. An additional bonus for its clients is participation in the Fair Pay program.


Timely payments by adding positive feedback

Timely payments by adding positive feedback

As part of this program, uGood Finance rewards its customers for timely payments by adding positive feedback about the customer. In this way, the customer regularly paying off the debt in the uGood Finance website builds a positive credit history, which then translates into more favorable conditions when applying for a loan or loan.

uGood Finance is a company that you can use to pay and pay back quickly and safely on a fair basis. In every situation, the company tries to meet the individual expectations of customers and strives to make the use of the financial offer beneficial for them. For this reason, many people have already benefited from the uGood Finance offer, which appreciated the reliability and attitude of fair play towards the client.

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